Solution Process

Phaes 1

1:1 Collaboration

 We set you up with a product area expert where you will discuss ideas for your solution and pricing. In addition, the expert will provide you recommendations and help you brainstorm ideas for your digital product.

Phaes 2

Once you have approved the solution we move on to finding a team of professionals to work on your Solution. We work with you to find the most qualified team for the job.

Talent Matching

 We deliver the first iteration of your Solution and await your feedback and response. 

Phaes 3

Product Delivery

Phaes 4

We work with you to determine feedback and changes you would like to implement. We will continue to iterate until you are satisfied. 

Review. Revise. Repeat

Phaes 5

Product Launch

Once you are happy with what we have delivered we will launch your product. Should you not require continuous maintenance this will be the final Phaes of your Solution.

Phaes 6

(optional) Product Maintenance

Should your product require continuous maintenance this Phaes may be for you. For a small monthly fee we will monitor your Solution for improvements and proactively fix any issues or concerns you may have.

Maintenance Packages


Our best package for consistent updates and high priority maintenance.


Package for updates every now and then and low priority fixes.



Package for hosting and domain maintenance.


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